In this time of a world-wide pandemic, it is important to keep in mind the high level of resilience that individuals, families and communities evidence. In order to support and bolster such resilience, I am making my book ROADMAP TO RESILIENCE available for FREE to help individuals cope with ongoing adversities and losses.

This Website is set up with TWO APPENDICES:

APPENDIX A is set up with SIX different FITNESS areas: Physical, Interpersonal, Emotional, Cognitive, Behavioral and Spiritual  (PIE CBS).  Individuals will be able to Click on any item and retrieve the corresponding Coping ACTION PLAN.

APPENDIX B is set up in ALPHABETICAL order and folks can just look up the specific need they have at that moment and access the corresponding Coping ACTION PLAN.

Topics include ways to:

  1. Handle intense emotions (fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, boredom, anger, grief, guilt, and shame). Specific suggestions on ways NOT to let these emotions overwhelm you are included. How to name and tame your emotions; how to accept, tolerate, control and share your feelings are discussed. How not to allow your feelings “hijack” your resourcefulness and undermine your resilience is included. LEARN HOW TO TALK BACK TO YOUR AMYGDALA — your lower emotional brain and learn how to sleep better.
  2. Access help from others and ways “to give, to get.”
  3. Develop and deliberately practice resilience-engendering behaviors such as relaxation, meditation, yoga, exercise, gratitude, forgiveness, meaning-making activities, use humor, group support, your religion and faith, Internet resources, etc.. LEARN HOW OTHER FOLKS HAVE USED POSITIVE COPING STRATEGIES.
  4. Ways to cope with the coronavirus  is included in an ADDENDUM.  Read “Resilient  Voices”


– Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D.