Action 68

I restore or develop “safe routines” that work for me and that allow me to decompress, de-stress when necessary. I can establish a “regular routine,” use time management strategies, prioritize, “de-clutter” my mind, structure my time constructively and fill my days with health-promoting activities. I can take R-and-R time and engage in enjoyable relaxing activities. I give myself a “stress break” and schedule time for myself. I can schedule intimate time with others. I make sure I keep pleasurable things in my life, and try to maintain my routines, as much as possible.

But, following a set of daily routines does not preclude being open to new experiences. Individuals who cope more effectively with role transitions tend to be more creative; they prefer novelty, new experiences, and have wide interests. They also have confidence in their ability to succeed and they have a firm sense of self as being “creative.” In contrast, less creative individuals are more attracted to certainty and lack confidence in their ability to achieve in novel tasks. Creative individuals seek out novelty in their everyday lives and take on new challenges.

Quotable Quotes

“While I like my daily routines, I am always on the look out for those situations that challenge and will surprise me.”

“I can stay organized by creating a daily schedule of tasks and activities.”

“I was always very much the caretaker, taking care of other people’s needs and I am beginning to realize you know that I deserve the same level of care and support that I was giving to others.”

“I found out that when I was tending my garden, I was actually tending myself.”

Action 69