Action 70

I plan ahead and prepare myself for possible high-risk situations. Figure out what to expect and create a game plan and a back-up plan. Learn what to watch out for and know when to leave and when to return. In order to bolster my self-confidence in doing these things, I will answer honestly the following Hinge Questions:

Taking Stock or a Personal Inventory

  • What do I see as my own personal strengths or abilities?
  • What things about myself am I most proud?
  • What do other people say are my positive qualities?
  • What do they say are the positive qualities of my friends and family members?
  • How have I used my personal strengths and abilities to achieve goals or deal with challenges in the past?
  • How do I think I could use my strengths to help me achieve my current goals?
  • What skills do I already possess that I think can be transferred to the present situation?
  • What kind of new skills do I need, and how can I acquire them?
  • What contacts do I have that might help?
  • Finally, what would it be like if I did not have this problem any more?

How To: Begin to Plan Your Next Steps

Begin by choosing some “personal challenge” you wish to work on. Does it have to do with re-integration issues (family-related, work-related, health-related, and stress-related)? Now on a scale from one to ten, where rating from one being the worst possible solution to a rating of ten being the best possible solution, where would you rate your confidence that you can achieve this goal?

  • What challenge did you select?
  • What rating of Self-confidence did you offer?
  • What led you to offer a rating that was not a “one,” if you did not choose a “one” rating?
  • What are things that give you hope that things can change for the better?
  • How do you think you will be able to work on your goal of . . . ?
  • What else can you try?
  • What might get in the way of doing . . . ?
  • You would have to be strong (creative, clever, resourceful) to find a way around that. I wonder, how you would do it?
  • What exactly are you committing yourself to doing?
  • What will the best future look like for you?
  • What will happen? Who will be there with you?
  • What will it take to make this a reality?

Action 71