Action 71

I can break my goals and tasks into subtasks with sub-goals. I can set specific, concrete, attainable subgoals. I can identify the “when, where and how” of each action that will occur, and thus, reduce procrastination and hasten the initiation and execution of the behavior. Research by Ehlers and Clark indicates that when individuals are depressed or experience Post traumatic stress reactions, they tend to set “abstract” level goals and make limited progress. Chunk the situation into doable subtasks so I do not get overwhelmed. (See Action #47 for a discussion of “S.M.A.R.T.” Goals).

Useful Information

Self-efficacy and self-confidence are cultivated by taking small steps. Find the right challenge, not too challenging, and not too simple. Create an image of yourself as a capable person of meeting and overcoming challenges. Remember that every journey begins with a single step.

Think of a time in the past when you set yourself a goal and achieved it. Ask yourself the following Hinge Questions:

  • “How did I get motivated?”
  • “How did I keep my motivation going?”
  • “What were the strategies I used to accomplish this goal?”
  • “How did I know I was making progress?”
  • “Who did I call upon to help me work on this goal?”
  • “Have I ever helped someone else work to achieve his/her goal? What did I do to help? Can I use these strategies on myself?”

Quotable Quotes

“I can celebrate my small behavioral triumphs that I make everyday because my success, no matter how small, inspire me and helps me feel good about myself.”

“I can confront my feelings of ambivalence about changing and gently move toward action by considering the pros and cons of various actions, including sometimes doing nothing.”

“I can adopt a ‘growth mindset’ of change by working at achieving my goals versus a ‘fixed mindset’ that I do not have the capacity or ability to improve things or succeed.”

“I just let time go by and its not as stressful to me. I do not know if this makes sense, but then I can tackle one thing at a time.”

“I have a strong desire to avoid repeating the mistakes my parents made.”

Action 72