Action 73

I improve my “people-picking” ability and avoid people and situations that set me off, get me into trouble and contribute to my relapse.

Quotable Quotes

“If bad relationships messed me up, then it follows that I need good relationships to help me heal.”

“I am more willing to remove myself from a bad relationship, than I used to be. I can take a break or end them. I am more comfortable with the idea of being alone. I’m learning to accept the fact that what one person wants does not determine what happens in a relationship. It is a two way street.”

“I am learning to set boundaries with people, so I have to learn how to say “No.” I can now say I can’t do this or I can’t do that. I am getting better at it.”

“I am powerless over everyone, but myself. What they say, do, think and feel is their right as long as it doesn’t hurt others. It is not my job to be a parent, teacher, police officer, spiritual leader or critic that takes time and robs me of energy. I can focus on problem-solving how I decide to react to what they do or just accept what I cannot change. Either way, I can be calm. Either way, they will continue to do what they choose to do.”

—Robert Nay, Taking Charge of Your Anger

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