Action 35

I process my memories of bad experiences that I have had. Sharing my story permits me to gain conscious control over it. “I can control my story. I can let the past be the past. My story does not control me, I can choose which CD I play in my head. I can choose whether I am a ‘victim’, or a ‘survivor’, or even a ‘thriver’.” Keep in mind:

“Whoever survives a test Whatever it may be Must tell the story That is one’s duty”

—Elie Wiesel

The Ancient Greek and Roman concept of the “Hero” is the story of an ordinary person who experiences an extraordinary event, survives, and returns to the everyday world to express an important truth about life.

Quotable Quotes

“I learned that thinking about the trauma is not the same as being in the trauma.”

“I can live a valued life with my history, rather than living a life driven by my history.”

“I can make room for different memories.”

“Recovery from trauma is more a journey than a destination.”

“I learned to leave the bad stuff I experienced in the background and get on with my life the best I can. It is always there, but I continue nonetheless.”

“I no longer confuse the past with the present.”

“Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you”—Aldous Huxley.

Action 36