Action 39

I enjoy the benefits of self-disclosing to a trusted friend, family member, battle buddy, fellow soldier who is understanding, receptive and supportive.

Useful Information

As noted, and worth repeating, disclosure and sharing with others leads to less avoidance and fewer stress-related consuming thoughts. A trusted friend may offer new ways of understanding and a different view of things. He or she may ask about one’s “strengths” and survival skills.

Quotable Quotes

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

—Maya Angelou

“What people need is a companion alongside them in their journey to rebuild their lives.”

“When something like this happens things can never be the same again. They just can’t. Life is different. When I try to go back, that is when I get stuck. I can’t escape things happening in life. What I have to do is confront my experiences and learn from them. But, I can’t do this alone.”

Action 40