Action 40

I “RE-story” my life experiences and share my account of resilience (“the rest of the story”), as a legacy work with my family members, friends and battle buddies.

Useful Information

Memory can “skip” when going through traumatic memories. It remembers some things very vividly and forgets other things which are important for resilience. Under extreme stress, the normal memory processes do not work as usual; because we are so busy trying to survive. The body gets so busy making muscles work, and takes “off-line” those things that are not important like memory. It is like a CD or DVD player skipping when it is bumped. If one has experienced stressful events, it is important to regain an image of oneself as a “survivor” and to understand that he/she has control over how that image (or the “skips” in memory) is filled back in and how it is integrated, incorporated into one’s “life story.” A person has the ability to get unstuck from the “hot spots” or “stuck points” and increase his/her ability to be resilient.

Quotable Quotes

“By telling and retelling my story I can create opportunities for new meanings and new stories to emerge.”

“I can now RE-construct my history in the present and create a new future.”

“I recognize that I am not in total control of my life, but I can choose how I perceive my experiences.”

“I am not at the mercy of my emotions. I can create a new self-map.”

Action 41