Action 21

Examples of Rituals

Use my cultural or ethnic traditions, rituals and identity as a support aide.

Reflection Activity—close your eyes and reflect on the history of your people, especially those who have struggled. Get in touch with the strength of your heritage.

Answer the following questions:

“I am, because we are . . . ?” “Because we are, I am . . . ?”

Forgiveness Ceremony—provide a “healing gift” to others and to yourself.

Rite of passage—participate in a ceremonial transition ritual that helps the healing process. For example, attend a Native Sweat Lodge Activity; visit a memorial site; join a Soldier 2 Soldier activity.

Gift-giving Activity—make a “gift” of your experience to others; convey lessons learned in order to promote other’s well-being; use the wisdom of elders and those who have experience; learn from the coping skills of others.

Action 22