Action 22

I can find a role model or mentor (real person or heroic figure) and let him/her act as a guide. Consider the following Hinge Questions about possible models and mentors in your life.

“Do you know people who have gone through hard times and changed for the better?”

“Do you read books or watch movies or television programs of people who have been exposed to traumatic events and who evidence resilience and post traumatic growth?”

“What are the lessons you can learn from such individuals?”

Quotable Quotes

“The life of the Prophet Mohammad in the Quran brings solace and strength to many.”

“I have thought a long time if this tragedy has also brought me anything positive,

something special, something I never would have experienced without this experience. I noticed that I am surrounded by especially warm and loving people in my family and friends, people who really care about me and who support me and help whenever possible. I have learned who I can count on in times of extreme difficulties and sadness. But I also saw that I could count on myself. I did not let myself down.”

“Studies of the wives of POWs (prisoners of war) find that they experienced both distress and growth compared to wives of Non-POW veterans. In the constant struggle with their husbands’ difficulties, the wives of the POWs brought them closer and gave their lives meaning by putting them in a ‘helper role’. Trauma affects those around the survivor, but by providing assistance, a sense of empowerment and personal growth is possible. The suffering of others may create a sense of growth in the helpers.”

“When the pain of torture was overwhelming, I imagined vividly my mother in our garden. I could smell the grape leaves, touch the warm earth, and listen to her kind and reassuring voice. I imagined my playing my flute to her touching the invisible instrument with my fingers. These images brought me back to my senses. I used my consoling imagery to get through.”

Action 23