Action 23

I take pride in the camaraderie/friendship of my “Band of Brothers/Sisters” and the self-sacrifice and commitments I made for my Battle Buddies, unit, service and country. My “Band of Brothers/Sisters” is like family bonds that are formed under intense stress. Be proud of the mission we served.

Quotable Quotes

“I hold it to be one of the simplest truths of war that the thing which enables an infantry soldier to keep going with his weapons is the near presence or presumed presence of a comrade.” —S.L. Marshall

“I remember the kind of combat flow where I was so absorbed in the present moment I lost all sense of time. This may sound crazy, but I felt more alive.”

“While under heavy fire, an eerie sense of calm came over me. My mind was working with speed and clarity I would have found remarkable if I had time to reflect upon it. I knew what I was going to do. The whole plan of attack flashed through me in a matter of seconds.”

“Within a year of returning home, I began growing nostalgic for the war . . . I could protest, but I could not deny the grip the war had on me, nor the fact that it had been an experience as fascinating as it was repulsive, as exhilarating as it was sad.”

“The daily danger gave a zest to life that nothing else can give.”—Philip Caputo in A rumor of war.

“I remember that I was a member of a resilient unit. We had good cohesion. High morale and caring leadership.”

“I can bring these skills and attitudes back home with me and teach them to my kids.”

“I can be part of my family unit, just like my combat unit—looking out for each other.”

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