Action 90

I seek inspiration, guidance and comfort from prayer, meditation, scripture reading, religious music, devotional activities, spiritual journal writing, and view my faith as part of my support network. I can join a religious group activity and volunteer to help with a community service project.

Useful Information

Contemplative traditions such as meditation and prayer are a form of mental exercise that change the circuits of the brain involved in the regulation of emotion and attention.

Quotable Quotes

“What sustains me is singing gospel songs like Amazing Grace and other hymns I learned as a child. I can picture the congregation singing and rocking and I am back there again. It helps to get me through.”

“The first thing prayer does for us is put us in touch with other people who share the same concerns, values and dreams. Prayer redeems people from isolation. People pray as a way of talking out their fears without the embarrassment of having to say them out loud, and as a reassurance that they are not alone.”

—Rabbi Harold Kushner, When Bad Things Happen to Good People

 “I pray a lot and ask for strength and guidance, so I can stay on the straight and narrow path.”

“My inspiration comes from putting my personal values into my day-to-day actions.”

“My reading of scripture has taught me that life is meaningful by finding ways to matter to other people.”

“It is all about giving back through community service.”

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