Action 91

I participate in spiritual and religious groups, attend church, synagogue, mosque or some other religious site. I can develop a sense of belonging and gain inspiration through connection with others and access the social, emotional and material supports of church participants and clergy.

Quotable Quotes

“At first, I didn’t think attending the spiritual group was for me, but the other group members were as skeptical as I was, and that helped me feel like maybe I belonged there after all. There are seven other group members and we came from different religious backgrounds Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Evangelical and Islamic. We agreed that the group spirit is to value each individual’s personal faith, so there is no ‘right’ set of beliefs. I found participating worthwhile.”

“When we tell our own stories and listen to those of others, we come in touch with life, divinity and soul. Telling our story is a way of preserving our individual history and at the same time defining our place in the larger flow of events. Story telling knits the community together.”

—Edward Tick, War and the Soul

“As soon as I let someone at my church know of my illness, there were people praying for me. It is hard not to feel valued and closer to people who are showing so much care for you.”

Action 92