Action 92

I engage in spiritual rituals like daily public prayers, a Native American Sweat Lodge service, Spiritual Meditation, Catholic Mass, Prayer Service, Rites of Passage Ceremony, Funeral or Memorial Services, play religious music to lift my spirit, read the Bible, perform good deeds and attend other religious services, and create a healing ritual. For example, find a place in my home or garden or somewhere else that I can designate as a “sacred” space and where I can make an offering.

Quotable Quotes

“In Islam, religious activities are highly visible in people’s everyday life. Daily public praying creates the rhythm, harmony and security of daily life. Such spiritual sharing provides a religious explanatory model and an affiliation with others, a realization of one’s own strength and recognition of new possibilities.”

“When I was in a desperate mood, I sought consolation in praying to God Almighty. He consoled me and calmed me down, although I sometimes doubted whether God knows what is happening to us.”

“I believe that I am on the path to God with whom I can achieve closeness in Paradise.”

“When my grandmother died, because it was my first experience, I couldn’t even collect her ashes. But that taught me to be steadfast, that I shouldn’t slacken off. I felt as if I heard a voice from heaven telling me I should pay more heed to my close relations. And I’m so grateful of having caught the message that I change the water for our family Buddhist alter every morning, and put my hands flat together in prayer. You know, just for a couple of seconds. Before that I was self-centered; after that I just want to express my gratitude, that’s all.”

Action 93