Action 97

I can discuss the spiritual meaning of my trauma experiences and my military experiences with others who care about me; harvest the lessons that I have learned and share them with others. I hold the belief that my trauma and military experiences made my faith stronger. My faith gives me a sense of direction in my life that feels meaningful.

Useful Information

Many returning service members have reported feeling strengthened by their faith. Meaning is not something out there that is given to us; it is something we give to ourselves. We do that through stories.

Quotable Quotes

“My faith provides a true North Star that orients me when I am lost in a sea of change and desperation.”

“This is God’s way of testing me (us).”

“Feel purified by fire.”

“This is God’s way of teaching me about the preciousness of life.”

“I have been able to draw on my religion in dealing with everyday problems.”

“My story of resilience can be a lighthouse of hope to others.”

“I recognize that no man is an island which means every person has significance and importance to others.”

“Religion is my way of out-sourcing my spiritual well-being to a supernatural expert.”

“I now feel part of a larger social organization.”

Action 98