Action 52

I have confidence in my ability to bring about positive outcomes and have a sense of personal control, that is, I hold the belief that things can change for the better and that I have the ability to bring about such changes. I focus on my abilities, my “islands of competence,” not on my disabilities. “Biology is not destiny.” Never lose sight of strength and virtues that reside within me.

A sign that I am gaining confidence and developing resilience is that I can use “I” statements to compliment myself such as:

  • “I decided to . . . “
  • “I now realize that . . . “
  • “I have tested out my hunches . . . “
  • “I learn from the past. How have I coped in the past? This gives me confidence and hope which is the spark for change. Hope reminds me that the future can bring new possibilities.”
  • “I approach challenges and adversities with a positive attitude which gives me a chance for success. If I approach the situation with a negative attitude this predestines the outcome of failure and defeat. These negative expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies.”
  • “I not only can recognize my strengths and positive qualities, I can own them.”
  • “I can notice positive changes.”
  • “I can be supportive and flexible with myself when I fail or fall short of meeting my expectations and standards.”
  • “I nurture myself and continually need to remind myself of how far I have come.”
  • “I can compliment myself when I do something worthwhile and feel I deserve it.”

Useful Information

I can make a list of challenging experiences that I have overcome in my life and describe how I handled them. What did I do while deployed that I can now use in handling stressors in my civilian life? How do others (my war buddies, family members, members of my racial/cultural group) handle challenges? What can I learn from them?

Action 53