Action 55

I engage in downward comparisons which mean that I can compare my present situation and condition with others who are less fortunate or worse off. I can also create a “worse world scenario” of what might have happened. Engaging in downward comparisons can contribute to “positive feelings” because things “could have been worse. At least, I am able to . . . “ and “ I still have . . . “ This can result in my feeling somewhat better off and grateful for what I do have.

As a result of this experience:

  • “Compared to others, do I feel I am in a better or worse situation?”
  • “Was it as bad as it could be or could it have been worse?”
  • “Has anything that has happened made me feel particularly lucky?”
  • “Is this experience as negative as I would have imagined before going through it?”

Quotable Quotes

“I think about others and how it could have been worse.”

“I am now able to focus on the fact that it happened.”

“I see new possibilities and goals to work on.”

“My view of what is important in life has changed.”

“I can let the past just be the past. I am no longer interested in reliving what happened.”

“I can tell my story like an objective reporter and not get emotionally overwhelmed.”

“I realize I can tell my story in broad strokes and do not have to go into all the nitty-gritty details.”

“I realize I can tell my story and I will not fall apart.”

Action 56