Action 62

I can use the language of hope and becoming. I experience the healing power of storytelling. I can use my “word power” and “change talk.” I use as many “Re-verbs” as possible when I share my current personal journey. I can tell others and myself that I am in the process of:

RE-acclimating RE-activating RE-assessing RE-authoring RE-awaking RE-balancing RE-booting RE-bounding RE-building RE-calculating RE-calibrating RE-charging RE-checking RE-claiming RE-cognizing RE-collecting RE-committing RE-conceptualizing RE-conciling RE-configuring RE-connecting RE-considering RE-construing RE-constructing RE-cording RE-counting RE-covering RE-cruiting RE-cycling RE-defining RE-deploying RE-designing RE-directing RE-discovering RE-doing RE-drawing RE-dressing RE-ducing RE-engaging RE-entering RE-establishing RE-evaluating RE-examining RE-experiencing RE-fining Re-fitting RE-flecting RE-focusing RE-framing RE-fusing RE-gaining RE-generating RE-habilitating RE-hearsing RE-integrating RE-intepreting RE-inventing RE-investing RE-invigorating RE-joining RE-kindling RE-laxing RE-learning RE-lieving RE-linquishing RE-living RE-mediating RE-membering RE-modeling RE-moving RE-negotiating RE-newing RE-opening RE-ordering RE-organizing RE-orienting RE-packing RE-pairing RE-peating RE-placing RE-plenishing RE-prioritizing RE-processing RE-programming RE-regulating RE-scripting RE-setting RE-shaping RE-shuffling RE-sisting RE-solving RE-stabilizing RE-stating RE-storing RE-storying RE-structuring RE-suming RE-taining RE-telling RE-thinking RE-training RE-transcribing RE-trieving RE-uniting RE-vealing RE-versing RE-viewing RE-vising RE-visiting RE-vitalizing RE-winding RE-wiring RE-working RE-writing

. . . in order to become more resilient.

How To: Use My RE-Verbs

When someone asks me, “How things are going?” or when I want to share how my life is changing, I can choose a RE-verb and answer:

I am glad you asked, because I am in the midst of:

  • RE-building my strengths
  • RE-charging my batteries
  • RE-covering my lost stories and my lost voice
  • RE-defining my beliefs
  • RE-discovering my strengths
  • RE-establishing my relationships
  • RE-fusing to allow the trauma to take away my sense of self
  • RE-gaining my composure
  • RE-gulating my emotions
  • RE-interpreting the situation
  • RE-learning how to drive more safely
  • RE-linquishing my self-defeating and self-destructive life style
  • RE-newing my connections with my family and friends
  • RE-peating (RE-cycling) what works
  • RE-placing my ruminative brooding
  • RE-prioritizing my values and goals
  • RE-sisting my craving for booze
  • RE-sponding flexibly to the demands of a changed world
  • RE-storing my sense of competence and RE-claiming personal power
  • RE-transcribing (RE-writing) my memories so I no longer have to RE-live and RE-enact them
  • RE-working my story so it has a better ending

Now share with the individual “how” you are going about doing this. Listen for the number of RE-verbs you include in your conversations.

Quotable Quotes

“By my silence, I allow others to define me. I intend to author my own story.”

“I will not allow this event to define me. I intend to move beyond this and write a new chapter. I refuse to view myself as a victim.”

“When I tell my story, I have to tell the rest of the story of what I did to survive.”

“I have to beware of the stories I tell myself and that I tell others because I can be lived by them.”

“I have to watch out for and notice the words I use to tell my story. Words can gain toxicity.”

“I can stir up drama and trauma.”

“I can increase the number of RE-verbs I use in my stories.”

Action 63