Action 54

I engage in “benefit-remembering” by “looking backward in order to move forward.” I can write down and share with significant others how I have gotten through past stressful events. I can ask others who have done well, what has helped them. I can listen and try these things. I can figure out what has proven helpful for me and others in the past that is likely to prove helpful now and in the future. I can ask myself the following Hinge Questions:

  • “How has dealing with this situation made me a stronger person?”
  • “How can I learn something from this situation?”
  • “How can I share this knowledge with someone I hold dear?”
  • “Is there a blessing in disguise to be found?”

Quotable Quotes

“I can stop repeating the same old mistakes when I am really upset. I now have a new game plan and the confidence to try it out. What worked in the past that I can use?”

“I can stop repeating the negative messages that I received from others. Remember my survival skills, my ‘in spite of’ story.”

Action 55